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Hey there!


        I hope you are - or going to - enjoy the album I made. It’s my second studio album and I’m very happy on how it turned out. There’s a reason behind the concept of the Never-Ending Vinyl, so I wanted to tell you a little about that. The album has an overall meaning, a bigger picture. So let’s dive into that!


        On the album I contemplate on my own life in which I had to deal with loss and major life changes. The album is a reminder that change is part of it all, and that it will form you as a person in the end. With every phase of life you learn a little bit. Over and over again. That’s the Never-Ending Story. I thought to myself that this life cycle deserved its own soundtrack. So I wrote, recorded and produced this album.

        With each listen, you can uncover new details—overlapping melodies, sounds, and lyrics across different songs. (Let me know if you found one!) The bottom line is: you don't need to reinvent the wheel when navigating life, as you've likely faced similar challenges before. And remember, millions of people have walked this path before you. There's comfort in that shared experience. This album serves as a reminder of all those things.


        It even translated into the artwork, a stained glass window - made by my brother Rient Adrijan - which portrays a person in his past, present and future form. Going through a rough patch, the present is helped by his past and future self. Carrying the weight together, growing stronger over time. Pieces of the glass used for this artwork are also found in this box you’re holding.


        In short: the album is about life’s journey. It seemed fitting to send the album on a journey as well. So here we are, sending five different boxes - each holding the vinyl - on a trip around the world. If you want to be part of its journey you can let me know by sending an e-mail to Maybe we can find a way to divert its path to you!


        I hope you enjoy the album and let me know if you do so.


Safe travels!



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